LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – As college starts back up, the Lafayette Police Department (LPD) reminds everyone to come out and have fun, but to be safe while doing so.

LPD suggests the following tips for those who frequent the nightlife in downtown Lafayette:

Do not block private driveways, fire hydrants, or ‘Police Only’ parking spots. If you plan on using a car service, there are ride-share locations (with signage) located at Congress and Buchanan St. as well as at Garfield near Parc International.

No glass containers or aluminum cans of alcohol are allowed at any time in the area, however, styrofoam, plastic, and paper cups are allowed before midnight.

Between midnight and 6 a.m., no open alcoholic beverages are allowed.

LPD said that they want everyone to have a good time, but to do their part as well.