LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– The police chief met with two community leaders from New Iberia at the Lafayette Police Department Wednesday to talk about the starting point of a partnership to bring holistic change to local areas hurting due to rapid crime.

“What happened here a few weeks ago a police officer getting shot and an infant getting shot that’s enough,” Apostle Felton Hogan of New Iberia said. “Somebody should have enough boldness and heart to say enough is enough.”

Hogan and community activist Donovan Davis met with LPD’s police chief.  

“Bring a change to people’s hearts, minds, and souls; and especially to families that’s living with this monster called gun violence,” Hogan added.

“Your heart has to be in it, and you have to be intrinsically motivated to do service to the Lord and go out and educate his people through community education; through public advocacy and through civic engagement,” Davis said.

Although they are from New Iberia, these leaders believe in working beyond their own doorstep.

“We spoke with chief Judith Estorage, and we made an official partnership with her to do a ‘Drive-by Prayer’ but the ‘Gun-Buy-Back’ will have to be on hold to talk to the DA’s office to get the approval on that,” Davis said.

“Drive-by Prayer” is planned for November.