LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — With the holidays approaching, Louisiana State Police, along with local law enforcement, are urging travelers to click it or ticket.

Around this time last year, State Police said there was over 500 crashes during the Thanksgiving holiday.

This year, police want people to know they are cracking down on travelers without car seats and seat belts.

Louisiana State Police trooper Thomas Gossen said additional law enforcement is put in place to enforce mandatory seat belt laws and crack down on travelers riding without a seat belt or properly restrained child this holiday.

“We’re on a little uptick right now and so we’re asking people to do that with the increase in travel on the roadways, certainly we’re going to see an uptick with the amount of crashes and fatalities that occur,” Gossen said.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, Louisiana saw over 500 fatal and injury crashes last Thanksgiving holiday.

Of those crashes, 18 resulted in death.

NHTSA estimates a 45% reduction in injuries for properly restrained front seat travelers.

Gossen said the Thanksgiving holiday is the second deadliest holiday when it comes to fatal crashes, wearing a seatbelt and making sure children are properly restrained is the best thing to do to increase your chance of survival.

“So, the best thing you could do as someone in a vehicle is to wear that restraint properly and install your child seats and properly put those children in there,” Gossen said.

In addition to adults wearing their seat belts, Gossen said it is mandatory children are properly restrained in car seats. This also reduces the number of child injuries in car crashes.

“I’m not going to say that the seatbelt is going to save your life every time in every crash, it’s not, but your best chance of survival is that seatbelt,” Gossen said.

The increase in law enforcement presence will be from Nov. 19-27.

State Police say as they crack down on seatbelts and car seats, they hope travelers stay safe and remember the rules of the road.