LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) An LGBTQ documentary that’s raised concerns with some community members will stay on the shelves of the Lafayette Public Library.

A reconsideration committee decided not to ban the DVD Wednesday night.

While community members say this is a win, their fight isn’t over.

They say this isn’t just about banning books or DVD’s; this is about censorship.

There’s not only concern about restricting books but exactly who should have the power to do so as well.

“I said, ‘This should not be at a respectable library for anybody to rent,'” Katherine Lafleur said.

When Lafleur checked out a DVD called Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, she says she was disturbed by some of the scenes containing nudity and sex.

“To me, that’s more of a porn-type piece that should be in porn, not in a documentary,” Lafleur said.

She asked the library’s reconsideration committee to ban the DVD, though they ultimately denied to Wednesday night.

It’s the third time in the last year the committee has reviewed an LGBTQ book or DVD and considered banning it.

Matthew Humphrey says it feels targeted.

“As the president of PFLAG Lafayette, an organization that was started to advocate for the LGBTQ community here, I take great issue with any sort of measure to try to silence any minority voices at the local library,” Humphrey said.

He and other community members say library board members shouldn’t even have the power to censor materials.

“It’s up to a parent to censor the material their children are exposed to. The library does not act in place of a parent,” one woman said.

Many spoke up to voice their opinions of why they believe this kind of censorship is dangerous.

“You may not agree with the item that’s being discussed today, but tomorrow this could be something that you really value, some book or some DVD that your family checks out, that your family reads, and it’s taken away,” concerned community member Lynette Mejia said.

Others also spoke up, concerned with who exactly gets the power to censor these library books and materials.

The reconsideration committee used to be made up of two librarians and one library board member. At the last board meeting, the board voted to change that to just one librarian and two board members.

Many say this is an issue because now board members have the majority power to ban library materials.