LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The Lafayette Consolidated Government is being investigated by the state, according to the state Legislative Auditor’s Office.

The investigative audit began this morning, Roger Harris, the office’s executive counsel and assistant legislative auditor for investigations, confirmed to News 10 Tuesday.

Harris said he began the audit in Lafayette on Tuesday but there is no timeline for completion of the investigation, the subject of which he declined to identify.

“Like anything else, if you go in and don’t find anything it will go pretty quickly,” Harris said. “If you find something it takes a little longer.”

LCG spokesman Jamie Angelle confirmed that auditors were at City Hall Tuesday morning, but said he did not know the subject of the audit.

Harris did say the audit was undertaken for a specific reason, although he declined to say what the reason was, or what triggered the investigation.

“By the nature of an investigative audit, it is not regular or routine,” he said. “We generally don’t (audit) local governments unless we have a reason to. For a regular financial audit, yes, we would have that scheduled. We would schedule a performance audit, if we were doing one of those. But investigative audits don’t run on a schedule.”

The legislative auditor is appointed by the state legislature. The current auditor, Michael Waguespack, was elected unanimously in 2021.