LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — There are 1,200 adjudicated properties throughout Lafayette Parish and 900 of these properties are within the Hub City.

These are properties that sort of fell into the lap of local government mostly by way of owners failing to pay taxes. LCG has a process to help get these properties into the hands of development.

Planning Manager for LCG Cathie Gilbert shows the online map highlighting were the 12-hundred adjudicated properties are located.

“Over 200 properties have gone the full extent of our process,” Gilbert added.

Some are livable and some are in disrepair. Gilbert explains there’s an ordinance allowing LCG to take-in applications for these properties.

The most popular of LCG’s public application process is when someone lives next door to an adjudicated property.

“If you can swear with an affidavit that you’ve been taking care of that property, because a lot of people end up mowing the grass of the property beside them. They can take over the property and have priority over anyone else.”

Gilbert says the council has authorized 19 properties to the Mccomb-Veazey Coterie. She notes that many of the properties are disproportionately in some of the city’s urban core neighborhoods.