LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Rainfall is already above average for the month of August, and with more rain on the way, the city of Lafayette is taking steps to prevent potential flooding.

“So what we’re doing is trying to some type of preemptive measure drawing down the ponds and gather more capacity for storage of storm water. These things are designed to offset the amount of water that’s conveyed into the channels that it drains to,” says Brian Smith, Drainage Director for Lafayette Consolidated Government.

The month of August has seen 4.5 inches of rainfall in Lafayette, about 3.5 inches more than usual. The rainfall from this week is predicted to bring between 2 to 5 more inches of rain, creating a higher potential for flooding. Smith says the added storage in the retention pond on Camellia Boulevard should ease the flow of water from the coming storms.

“Every extra bit of storage helps so we’re hoping to gain more storage area so we can hold more water for a period of time. It’s all about timing, so it’s just a slow release into our waterways to keep them managed to where they can flow properly and not get overwhelmed.”

Smith says if the storms give enough time between downpours, the drainage system will keep a constant flow downstream. “The main thing we’re hoping for is we’ll get some heavy rain. If it stops for a period of time it allows the retention to catch up and it also allows the channels to catch up and everything can move south downstream then it’s ready for the next rain event.”

Smith asks residents in Lafayette to report any debris or flooding to the Lafayette Consolidated Government.