LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Public outrage about the viral video of a STM student using a racial slur has led two coaches from LCA to use the incident as a teachable moment on forgiveness.

LCA Coach Reggie Williams said after seeing the viral video of a student from St. Thomas More using a racial slur at a championship game and the backlash it received, he was moved with compassion to reach out and extend grace and mercy to the student.

“If this was my child, what would I want,” Williams said. “God says do unto others as you have them do unto you. extend the same grace and mercy that he gives you to give to others.”

He said he called LCA’s head coach Trev Faulk to come together and meet with the student and his family to use the incident as a teachable moment in hopes the student will one day show grace and mercy to someone else.

Williams said the ultimate goal is to get people to realize the student is still a kid who made a mistake, and as far as consequences go, the school can decide what action to take.

“You’re going to look at him and say this is a child, he’s fourteen years old,” Williams said. “He screwed up. Let the school deal with him, but we’re not going to have it where he’s not going to want to walk out of his house.”

Williams said because of the backlash and bashing the student has received, he wants others to know everyone has done things they are not proud of.

“Now there’s so many people that are bashing this kid, who is a kid,” Williams said. “For some of the same things that they’ve done, and we all have done and said things that have been caught on camera that not only embarrassed ourselves but embarrassed our family.”

Williams said he stands by his message of forgiving no matter what is said about him.