LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Like many cajun and creole legends, this is the story of a great cook whose recipe went from her kitchen to stores across the country and it all began with her desire for everyone to be able to make the perfect gumbo. 

Meet Melissa Anderson. This Lafayette native knows her way around the kitchen and decided to pursue making the perfect roux. She once worked in the medical field, but wanted to start her own business with an idea that didn’t exist.  

“People need an easy gumbo that’s like 1,2,3, instead of going through all the processes, just add your water and you have an easy gumbo. Let it cook with a seasoned roux and just add your meat and it’s quality consistency,” says Anderson. Her idea was simple, create the first ever seasoned roux, add water and meat or seafood or both and done! 

She started from scratch in her own kitchen. “I went through the LSU Incubator program where I worked with food scientists. They helped me develop the product,” says Anderson.

After about a year of samples and taste tests, Melissa finalized the first-ever seasoned gumbo roux. The Louisiana State University AgCenter Incubator kitchen helped her produce the product to sell in grocery stores. She then knew exactly what she needed by partnering with “Ragin Cajun Foods”, a company she met at a Louisiana Restaurant Association convention.

Anderson goes on to say, “I saw their brand, they saw my brand and we talked about a partnership and it just made sense to marry it together and say creole-cajun can come together. We all love food and let’s make it happen.”

The new Ragin’ Cajun “T-Beaux’s Creole Gumbo” launched in Rouses grocery stores and online nationally on Mardi Gras day, March 1st of 2022.

“We’ll be in all Rouses from here to Alabama, plus over 10,000 other locations wherever their products are as well as online at my website and Acadiana Kitchens, Walmart, Amazon, all that,” says Anderson.