LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office operates a Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) that allows the department to track suspects and send law enforcement to their location.

According to LPSO, a case in point was in the City of Scott where he says an attempted abduction suspect was identified, located, and apprehended in a matter of minutes.

The Real Time Crime Center’s supervisor says the center enhances the ability to respond to emergency situations more efficiently as well as enhances officer and public safety.”

“The real time factor in this is that it speeds up a case by having so many positive eyes in the parish,” LSPO Shift Patrol Lt. Clay Carter explained.

During a recent news briefing about a Joint Crime Task Force with Lafayette Police, Sheriff Mark Garber spoke about the RTCC being used to track a man with a gun.

“We tracked a man with a gun in a Lafayette neighborhood and were able to vector police officers and deputies into his location, rather than just looking for a guy fitting his description.  We can actually see this gentleman walking down the street, take the gun out of his waistband, see it was a black handgun and watch him conceal it elsewhere on his body,” Sheriff Garber stated (January 3, 2022)

The LPSO explains the RTCC system is a combination of public and private video surveillance systems, body-worn cameras, dash cameras and other technologies.

The sheriff talked about how the real-time hub can locate stolen goods, such as a trailer from someone’s property.

“They left there on Friday, and they come back on Monday to the job site, and it’s gone. We’re able to use the cameras to go back and canvas and find when we saw a vehicle pulling that trailer,” the sheriff explained.
The center reportedly has already proven its worth by assisting other law enforcement agencies within and beyond parish lines.