LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– The statewide burn ban is still in effect in Louisiana. What does that mean for outdoor cooking this Labor Day?

All private burning is still banned, with no limitations. While the burn ban does not prohibit outdoor grilling, the State Fire Marshal said it could still be a safety hazard.

Ema Haq, the owner of Bailey’s Seafood and Grill, spoke on how to prepare food this Labor Day without the risk of fire. He said Labor Day will look different this year because of the burn ban but it will be a great day to look back on.

“We could be a little bit creative and make a very good one to remember,” Haq said. “Let’s make it a little bit different and make it better than ever and be safe and listen to what really is being asked for us to do.”

Haq said it would be more convenient to cook inside with the hot weather and said if you will barbecue, put it in the oven.

“I think it’s a good excuse also to keep ourselves cool and comfortable for especially the cooks,” Haq said. “We’re just going to cook inside. We just need to prep, marinate everything we need to do and if you need to make barbecue, we just have to cook in the oven.”

Haq urged cooks to be cautious if they have to cook outside. He said to watch the fires carefully and make sure they are turned off completely when done cooking.

“If you have to do it, just be responsible,” Haq said. “If you have to use some outdoor, very small barbecue pit, I would be extremely careful. Make sure we turn off the fires. Make sure we wait until everything is fully diminished. No kinds of fires. Put some coal, maybe ice on top of them.”

Haq wanted to remind everyone that we are protecting ourselves and others and says we should all follow the rules of the ban.

“We need to stay safe, just not for us but for our community and neighbors,” Haq said. “Obviously we do have a statewide ban on fires, so for us, we cannot light up our pit, so we have to cook everything indoor. Just to be respectful. Make sure we obey by what is being mandated to us.”

Again, while the burn ban does not prohibit outdoor grilling, the Governor’s office as well as the State Fire Marshal’s office are encouraging people not to use anything with open flames.