LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Following another deadly crash involving a pedestrian, Lafayette residents are voicing safety concerns and waiting for change.

David Hicks, said “I’m a concerned citizen, the Evangeline Thruway crossing situation has cost a few lives, I would like to see something done about it to ease the chances people are taking with their lives.”

Hicks and other concerned residents are voicing solutions that officials should take to make roadways safer.

“They need to lengthen the crossing signs at the intersections because by the time the light flashes to walk you take two steps and the orange hand is starting to flash and motorists do not respect pedestrians a whole,” Hicks said. “I am an advocate for fining them heavily due to the fact that it’s a needless risk of a persons life.”

“I’d like to see more pedestrian signs connected to the street lights at all of the busy intersections throughout Lafayette,” another concerned resident said. “The drivers need to know the consequences and they need to either get more citations or be given a warning.”

Louisiana Senator Gerald Boudreaux said pedestrian safety needs to be a top priority as road construction continues throughout Acadiana.

“The problem that we’re having with pedestrians getting hit and killed on our interstates and the Evangeline Thruway, we cannot stop talking about it, there has to be alternate funding to make sure that the safety of those people while they are walking is our top priority so between local government and state government we have to continue these partnerships to ensure we can never lose sight of the fact that we have not done enough to help these pedestrians,” Boudreaux said.