LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Although the Lafayette Parish Council meeting did not have Robert Judge’s position on the agenda, it did not stop community members from expressing their concerns.

Lynette Mejía, of Louisiana Citizens Against Censorship, was one of the many speakers how spoke out against Judge at the meeting.

“You may think that by stepping down, Mr. Judge has solved his problem for you, but we all know here that his tenure as president was slated to end in October anyway. As a sitting board member, Mr. Judge has more than enough power to continue to do the kind of damage he has attempted for the past two in a half years,” said Mejía.

Mejía says over five hundred community members signed a petition calling for the removal of Judge.

“People who used this library system, people who are sick and tired of their library being systematically destroyed by a man who clearly has no love for either libraries or Lafayette.”

Mejia was among the 16 speakers who signed up to address the parish council. Many addressed how, under the direction of Judge, the building of the Northeast side library was stopped and caused chaos.

Cara Chance, manager of the Lafayette Public Library’s North Regional Branch spoke at the meeting as well.

“From my perspective, your appointee, Robert Judge, is out of control,” said Chance.

Even Abraham “Ab” Rubin Jr., parish councilmember, of District 5 voiced his concerns over Judge.

“I just wanted to make sure that I put that on the record that I personally would like to see him removed,” said Ruben.

Although many of the speakers were against Judge, there were two people who defended him. Kerry Jamal Williams, candidate for District 5, was one of them.

“The library man has done nothing. I have been to every library meeting, and he has done nothing wrong. Nothing wrong,” said Williams.

An unidentified man spoke defense of Judge.

“I didn’t realize that there was going to be an orchestrated effort here on this no-comment area to come in here and belittle Robert Judge, which I think is done unfairly,” said the speaker.

The concerns the council discussed with Judge about the building of a new library on the northeast side and moving forward with purchasing land is scheduled for a meeting next Monday with the library board of control.