LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A Lafayette resident is looking for help from the city with uneven roadways creating issues in her neighborhood on Walker Road.

Corine Porche, Walker Road resident said passing vehicles have caused her house to move noticeably, creating concern for its structural integrity.

“My house is on pillars, it’s an old house, and I feel my house shake sometimes,” Porche said. “I mean, any time your house shakes and it’s on pillars it breaks down the integrity of your house or whatever is on pillars.”

Porche said she’s reached out to the city to see if anything can be done to repair the roads.

“I’ve been contacting the City of Lafayette for over a year now for the division in the street where the concrete meets the blacktop,” she said. “When trailers with equipment on the back end of it or 18-wheelers pass it makes a really loud, penetrating noise.”

City officials have told News 10 they will be surveying Walker Road soon.

“I’ve constantly called the city and they’ve never come, they keep giving me excuses about how repair work is being done here before we can get to here, no one has actually come out and done anything about it,” Porche said. “It seems even if they just put a speed bump there maybe that can slow the vehicles down.”