LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Residents of the McComb-Veazey neighborhood gathered Tuesday to deliver a message against gun violence.

Along side them were local law enforcement and church leaders, community activists and members of the Lafayette Consolidated Government.

Village 337 founder Devon Norman says Gethsemane Church of God will serve as host for a conference this Thursday and Friday.

“A heavy focus from our Bishop will be connecting the church with the community.”

He says those involved with gun violence believe they have no other options or resources.

“A lot of times when young people are finding themselves in these situations where they are shooting at each other, it’s because they don’t have resources and they feel like they don’t have an outlet or anybody to go to.  We want them to know that here in McComb-Veazey you have a community center that is for the community.”

Lafayette Marshal Reggie Thomas says to tackle gun violence requires educating the community and leaders getting out in the community to talk.

“Lately, we’ve been having too many shootings and we want it to stop.  The only way we see that it can stop is if the community and law enforcement agencies get together; and we all work together.”

Amy Senegal of Lafayette lost her son Telvis Benjamin to gun violence.  Benjamin was shot and killed two years ago and just recently, two people were charged in connection with his death.

“When people see police officers in the community some of them will get comfortable and go to them to  express themselves.  So I’m happy you are walking the streets.  Let’s try to get the guns off the streets,” Senegal added.

Sgt. Robin Green of the Lafayette Police Department says the event shows people that law enforcement and the city will come together as one when needed and adds that fighting against gun violence is an appropriate time to do such.