LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Following the news that three people were shot and injured in Heymann Park over the weekend, authorities are taking steps to prevent similar incidents from happening.

Lafayette Parks and Recreation Director Hollis Conway says a way to prevent unsafe incidents from happening is to reach out to his office or Lafayette Police with any concerns.

“If you’re in the community and you see something going on in the park, call us and let us know. Call the police department and they will let us know. Call our department because we want everyone to be safe.”

Lieutenant Jace Quebedeaux says park safety is taken very seriously within the department.

He says in situations where a large number of people gather for parties or to witness burnouts, police will respond and with zero tolerance.

“So the Lafayette Police Department, when we receive these types of incidents, we respond to them. When we do find it actually in progress, there is zero tolerance.”

He says for each park, there are assigned precinct officers to make sure the area is as safe as possible, and their presence is seen.

“Our officers are always patrolling. Just a high visibility and the presence for the neighboring people that live and reside around the park as well as for people who are attending and enjoying the open parks.