LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — With a circulation of harassment and stalking reports regarding stores throughout Lafayette on social media, the Lafayette Police Department provided tips on how to remain safe in these situations.

Sgt. Robin Green of LPD advised everyone to call the police department and make the report if an experience like that happens.

“It is a great way of tracking these incidences when they do occur,” Green said.

Green said a great way to be aware of your surroundings is to be mindful of anything that can distract your attention while shopping or leaving.

“Sometimes our kids are distractions,” Green said. “If something is going on, wait until you are in the car to deal with the issue.”

Not being ready to enter your vehicle as you are leaving the store is another example of a distraction. Green advised people to not wait until they get to their car to pull out their keys.

“Have it ready as soon as you are walking out of the store,” Green said.

Even if you may not experience the harassment or stalking, Green encouraged everyone to say something is seen.

“Give management the opportunity to contact us,” Green said. “Some stores have their own personal security that rides around the parking lot. By letting the management know what is going on, they can have security focus on the area where the individual may be.”

Green advised everyone to follow their instincts in case you notice something isn’t right going in and out of the store.