LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) — Recent school threats across the state have prompted the Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS) to enact a new rule in an effort to minimize improper use of cell phones.

Last night the Lafayette Parish School System passed a new rule indicating consequences for improper usage of electronic devices. This comes just weeks after schools across Acadiana received school threats.

Amanda Blanco with LPSS told News 10 that this is a new disciplinary action to deter students from improperly using electronic devices.

“So, the board passed last night a new addition to the discipline matrix which is new consequence for students who use their cell phones improperly,” Blanco said.

According to the new rule, improper usage of cell phones would be recording arguments, fights, and unauthorized individuals. This is to encourage proper use of cell phones on campus and reduce possible threats.

Blanco also told News 10 that “Some students will sometimes use their phones to record fights, or arguments, or maybe other students and so we just want to maintain that sense of privacy and protection in our schools.”

If students violate the new rule, they will be prohibited from bringing electronic devices on campus or to any school activity for 90 days. If the student is graduating within those 90 days, they will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. Should students violate the consequences, they will be recommended for expulsion or for a placement hearing.

“I definitely think it can help to decrease some of those if students know there is a consequence now if they do use their cell phones improperly in school. It’s the improper use that we’re really worried about,” Blanco said.

LPSS said that the new rule went into effect today and has been added to the handbook.