LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY) — Home owners in the River Woods Subdivision in Lafayette Parish say the city and parish are not doing enough to fix persistent flooding in their neighborhood.

Some residents are even calling for an emergency court order to get the local government to clear their nearby drainage ditches.

“My home has flooded three times and I would like for it to stop,” resident Woody Anderson says.

He says the problem is that the court ordered detention pond project included work to maintain drainage ditches near his home, but now that has stopped.

“The cleaning of the ditches would save my home from flooding. We don’t need a pond for that.”

The Lafayette Consolidated Government cleaned up where a court said they messed up, but the barriers are overgrown with vegetation and silt is building up and clogging up.

“If we get a significant rain or we get a storm come through here we are going to be in real trouble.  I’m asking you to please let them come back and finish the project.”

Wayne Colvin lives nearby as well.

“They created low areas for mosquitos and reptiles.  We’ve seen turtles and snakes come into the yard,” Colvin noted.

He says LCG should try to get an emergency court work order to at least get on that property to clear out the ditches.

“Let’s try to get that emergency work order and get this work done.  Whether it cost another $30,000 or $50,000 to put these pipes in that are supposed to be here, let’s go ahead and finish that part of it.”