LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Money for fire protection services in Lafayette Parish is on the parish council agenda. The council will approve $115,000 to put into the parish-wide fire protection transportation account.  

The Mayor of Youngsville put out the call that the Youngsville Volunteer Fire Department’s Board of Directors is requesting more money in its contract with LCG to respond to fire calls in unincorporated areas.  

Meanwhile, the Youngsville Fire Department waits for additional funds to respond to calls in the unincorporated areas of the city.

KLFY 10 has been told the approved ordinance is related to fuel costs and repairs.  It’s an adjustment to the current budget.

In a previous interview, Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter reiterated the contract that Youngsville Fire has with LCG to provide fire protection in the unincorporated parts is under review by Youngsville.

“We can no longer justify 30% of our calls to the unincorporated area in exchange for 3% of the department’s funding. It’s just not prudent for the Youngsville city taxpayer and it’s incumbent on the Lafayette parish council to make a determination as to the value of fire protection in the unincorporated area,” Mayor Ritter stated.

Parish Councilman Josh Carlson tells KLFY 10 that he supports finding more funds for Youngsville Fire to continue servicing unincorporated areas.