LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –Tilted cars and extended rims have gained local popularity in and around Lafayette.  

On Tuesday, the Lafayette Councils could have voted to ban tilted cars, but they didn’t.

An ordinance had been drafted to make unlawful what’s called the ‘Carolina Squat’ when the front of a vehicle is raised-high, and the rear-end dropped low.

The parish council’s votes would have passed the ordinance, but the city council vote blocked the ban.

Parish Councilman Abraham “AB” Rubin, Jr. did not support the vote to ban cars with a front-fender well more than three inches from the ground of a back fender-well.

Councilman Rubin explains he’s satisfied the unlawful tilted ordinance failed.  

“Where is the data that shows that it causes accidents in the community.”

Furthermore, Rubin believes people should be allowed to express themselves as they see fit.  

“If that’s what floats your boat, and you want to spend your money to raise your truck up, so be it.”

Initially on Tuesday’s agenda was also an ordinance to ban ‘extended rims’ if they stick out more than four inches from the tire.

That ordinance never made it to the council floor and was deferred indefinitely.

“They stick out, but they have trucks that stick out more than that you know.  They’re still in the lane.  It’s not like they are in other people’s lane.  We never caused a wreck with them or anything you know.”

Brian Carron has extended rims.  Carron says he is in no hurry to see a ban on his rims hit the council floor.

“We try to drive safe on the road.  We put these cars together.  We don’t want to tear them up,” Carron explained.

“What’s the point of having a car.  It’s something we like.  We just link up and show cars,” extended rims owner Deonte Arvie noted.