LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — In Lafayette, officials are looking for input from the community to improve the north side of the city.

Chairperson of the community needs survey Sylvia Cluse told News 10 that “There are quite a few disparities in our city. As we discussed what were the issues and what were we going to do about it, are we going to go find some answers? That’s when we came up with the idea of having a community needs survey.”

The community needs survey posted by Lafayette Consolidated Government will give community members a chance to voice concerns they have for topics including housing, safety, and businesses.

Lafayette Chief of Minority Affairs Carlos Harvin said that “There’s a lot of pain in our community so we know we’re going to hear about those disparities. Community policing, we have a lot of blighted and adjudicated properties. And we know that our mayor president and our city council are ready to invest. We want to hear where those investments should be made, where are our pain points and where are they hurting.”

In the next 30 days, the city of Lafayette hopes to hear from a minimum of 5,000 residents on the north side to understand where improvements need to be made.

“We’ve defined success as a minimum 5,000 responses. We know there’s 50,000 people, give or take, that live on the north side. 10% of them, 5,000 people, to tell us what are those areas where there are a lack of services. We want this to be a movement, this survey is a movement so that the people can say I’ve spoken and I’ve been heard,” Harvin said.

Anyone that would like to contribute to the survey of Lafayette’s north side improvements can take the survey here.