LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Residents from the McComb-Veazey area of Lafayette and police sat down Wednesday to discuss ways to keep the community safe against crimes like last month’s dozen burglaries in the area.

Through security camera video, residents helped police locate and arrest one suspect however statistics show in September there have been two vehicle thefts, an armed robbery, two burglaries, and two assaults in the area as well.

At the meeting, residents expressed concerns about lighting, arson, robberies, abandoned homes, and other concerns in their area. Lafayette Police offered valuable tips anyone in Lafayette can use.

“We were having a lot of break ins, and they were just doing a lot of things in the neighborhood. We decided to get together and formulate a plan, so we could take care of it and try to get some unity and try to get our community together,” Jessie Bradford said.

Residents in the McComb-Veazey area, like Bradford, came together after a spree of robberies and break-ins in their area.

Officers offered advice like adding motion activated lights, writing down the serial and model numbers of their property and registering trespassing signs with the police department.

“We came up with a lot of great ideas. We’re going to try to get some lighting and cameras in the area. We’re getting our cameras registered with the police department,” Bradford added.

One tip the residents are most excited about is registering their own security cameras with police.

While LPD may not have the funds to install cameras in every neighborhood, you can give them access to your home cameras.

Sergeant Robin Green says this could be critical in helping law enforcement tackle crime in your area.

“I know in the last couple of months, they’ve been hit hard with a couple of vehicle burglaries and residential burglaries. So by letting them come in tonight, community and police working together to try to solve their issues in that area will give them some insight on what they can do to help make their homes safer and to help deter criminal activity,” Sergeant Green said.

Police also connected residents with community representatives in their area, who can help with installing more lights and figuring out what to do with abandoned homes, which can attract crime.

“If you have a lot of criminal activity in your neighborhood, come together as one. Form a group and work together and stay vigilant. We have to look our for our neighbors,” Sergeant Green added.

Lafayette police say they are also working on integrating gunshot detection technology that can alert an officer immediately and inform them where the shots were fired. In the meantime, police say you should always report gunshots or suspicious activity, so they can determine patterns in neighborhoods.