LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The President of the Lafayette Chapter of the NAACP has called for the resignation of Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet.  

The call comes after a video surfaced Monday in which multiple people can be heard inside Odinet’s home laughing and yelling racial slurs.

“Hate, in any form, cannot stand and must be condemned,” President Michael Toussaint said.

“I have never met Judge Odinet, only heard her voice in campaign adds. But because she has confirmed that the video was in fact taken inside her home, one would think that as a sitting judge, a mother, a community leader, a person in position of authority, that she would have stepped up and taken a stand against that type of language in her own home.”

Odinet apologized Monday and said she was unaware of what was happening after having taken a sedative.

An email she sent to KLFY read in part:

 I was given a sedative at the time of the video. I have zero recollection of the video and the disturbing language used during it. Anyone who knows me and my husband, knows this is contrary to the way we live our lives. I am deeply sorry and ask for your forgiveness and understanding as my family and I deal with the emotional aftermath of this armed burglary.

Judge Odinet

There was no indication from Odient in her email that she would be stepping down from her position.

“While many are looking for ways to end racism and unify, Judge Odinet in that video showed everyone how she deals with African Americans and people of color, and therefore she cannot be trusted to make decisions our behalf of the black and brown community in the courtroom. As a matter of fact, every decision that she has made to date concerning people of color should be rescinded.”