LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Questions are being raised about the mayor-president of Lafayette who uses officers from the local police department, for his own personal security.

Three months ago, in our exclusive interview, Guillory said he was not the first M-P to use a “dignitary detail.”

Now, some city and parish council members want to know if he is within his rights.

“I don’t think they call themselves dignitary detail anymore,” Guillory said.

He says while the public does see more police officers when he is around, it is done for reasons “outside of his control.”

“They have access to my calendar as you can imagine. If there is a security threat they are going to assess it, but I let them do their job. Now for anything that’s non-governmental like a campaign or whatnot, I will either pay the officer myself or pay a sheriff’s deputy if it’s outside the city or police department.  They know all the ethical rules.”

Guillory said he does not dictate what the officers do when it comes to his protection.

“I am going to ask a few questions especially if they are hanging around, outside my house like do you have to be here?”

Guillory said having an officer for security is not something he prepares for on a daily basis.

“I don’t wake up every day saying can I have a police officer by me?  I mean I love our PD officers and all.”

Former interim police Chief Monte Potier explained in an earlier interview what the LPD’s dignitary protection team does.  

“When we had the vice president come the entire team went out to assist with that,” Potier stated.

“They are also in charge of security of the building.  You will see them here at council meetings and things of that nature.”

Councilman Glenn Lazard raised a question about city hall police security.  

“They are normally only here when the mayor is here,” Lazard said.

“To say that they are part of the courthouse or city-parish security is an over-reach,” he added.