LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory admitted on Tuesday in Part 2 of our exclusive one-on-one interview that he is ‘an alcoholic.’

Admitting a self-truth that landed him in rehab. Guillory and his wife, Jamie, continues to present a united front with him.

“I just realized that I needed to get some help,” said Josh Guillory. “So if that’s rock bottom, then I hit rock bottom.”

Knowing that the second word in Alcoholics Anonymous does not apply to him, Guillory admitted:  

“And Look, I’m an alcoholic, so I have two options — I either drink or I don’t.”

He says his rehab lasted 21 days. However, a news release on July 25 announced that he had entered a facility — four days before the public was notified. Then on Friday, August 12, we were informed that he had returned after a successful completion.

Tonight, he clarified those dates saying his treatment began on Thursday, July 21, and ended on Thursday, August 11.

“It was 21 days — started on a Thursday and ended on a Thursday, seven times three.”

Guillory returned to office last week still facing questions about possible ethics violations from an equipment company that he and his wife founded.

“This is not a company that has made any money,” said Josh Guillory. “It is under my name and we in no certain terms are dealing with any companies involved in government contracts.”

He also answered questions about the law class he teaches at UL Lafayette which he says is only two-and-half hours per week, and does not interfere with his daily duties.

When asked about his use of police protection and the money used to pay for that, he said:

“I didn’t create it — it was there before I got into office and I don’t think they call themselves dignitary detail anymore, but I defer to the police department and the sheriff’s department. They assess risks.”

“Whoever is mayor-president in the future maybe it’s eight or 10 years from now, but they’re going to have detail too,” Jamie Guillory said.

Mayor-President Guillory added that he pays for any non-governmental activities or events.

The interview concluded with the couple’s final thoughts as they continue to deal with what has happened with an eye on the future.

“I’m a very ethical person, I’m super honest about myself and my life. My life is not perfect and that’s what I want people to take away from this,” Jamie Guillory said.

“Place your trust in God over government and it will work out. It’s easier said than done and I understand that,” the M-P said.