LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Lawyer Scott Iles is moving forward with a lawsuit against Lafayette Consolidated Government after receiving a violation notice for his campaign signs.

“The administration had issued me a notice of violation claiming that there was a ordinance that prohibited me from having a four-by-four sign and a six- by-four sign that were out there in front of my property,” Iles said.

Iles said the moment he received the violation from LCG, he noticed other places had signs that were bigger than those on his property.

“After I got this notice of violation I just perused the area and saw that there are plenty of other businesses or homes that have signs more prolific and larger than what I have,” Iles said. “And so I knew that it was selective enforcement.”

Iles said the violations take away from his constitutional rights.

“I feel like it’s a deprivation of a first amendment right to have some freedom of speech and support to a particular candidate,” Iles said.

Iles mentioned he did host a campaign event for a candidate running against Mayor-President Josh Guillory for office.

“I haven’t done anything different than I’ve done over thirty years,” Iles said. “I did one thing different this year and that was host a fundraiser for someone who is a candidate for this office.”

“I was unaware that community planning and development were sending letters to property owners regarding campaign signs,” Gregory Logan, a city-parish attorney with LCG, said in response to the matter. “I have since learned that Mayor-President Josh Guillory and property owners with Josh Guillory for Mayor-President signs, have also received complaints and those signs have been removed.”

Iles plans to continue with the lawsuit for all people who want to display campaign signs on their property.