LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)–A local musician is heartbroken after his three sets of bagpipes were stolen from his car in Downtown Lafayette.

Michael Barney said his bagpipes are not just instruments to him, they are his most prized possessions that are irreplaceable.

Three sets of back pipes, including an Irish whistle, was stolen from Barney’s car in Downtown Lafayette. He explained when he first realized they were gone.

“I came to my car,” Barney said. “I was parked here downtown, and I came to my vehicle and. The dome light was on, and I thought that was strange. I had two instrument cases in my backseat, and they were both gone.”

Barney said a teacher, who has passed away, gave him the bagpipes when he was a kid.

“The teacher that made them for me has been dead for almost 25 years,” Barney said. “He made 30 sets in his life. There’s no way to replace that.”

Barney has been going through a rough time since losing his bagpipes. He said they were so much more than just instruments.

“It’s been difficult several days for me,” Barney said. “I wake up at night just knowing something is wrong. It’s been with me the better part of my life.”

Barney said he has no intentions of getting someone in trouble. He just wants his bag pipes back.

“I’m sure it wasn’t a case of they were intending on stealing three sets of back pipes,” Barney said. “It’s not that I would want someone to be in trouble or anything. I’m just hoping to get my instruments back.”

A $500 reward is being held for their return.