LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) A Lafayette man is at a loss after a pickup truck crashed into his home Monday tearing through the front porch and living room.

Terrance Alfred now says he can only hope and pray for help. 

For now, he’s staying with his son because the house he has called home has a huge hole in it.

Currently in a rent to own contract, Alfred says it was a pickup truck that drove through his Sunnyside Lane home.

“I can understand you can have mechanical issues with a vehicle.  It’s kind of hard to understand how a person can come from a curb right here. He had to be going at a high rate of speed.   I will wait for the investigation to go through, and we go from there.”

For now, he says, all he can do now is wait.  

“I came from getting back on my feet to getting back to being knocked down.  I am really stuck right now.  I’m stuck.”

Alfred, who was not at home when the incident occurred, says he’s homeless.  

“I’m not trying to fault anybody.  I really need answers about it because right now I am basically homeless.”

He says family has reached out to him but it is hard for him to accept a helping hand.

“They know I am independent and would rather fight through it on my own, but I really need help.  I really, really do.”

If you would like to help Terrance Alfred with any amount in donation, visit his GoFundMe.