LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A Lafayette man claims that Chase bank refused to give him the money he has been building up in a savings account.

Donald Fuselier told News 10 that he wants this money to pay for repairs at his house.

Fuselier is an attorney who claimed Chase bank refused to give him the thousands of dollars he has saved up in his savings account. He said that the money is rightfully his to take out and would take legal action if they still do not allow him to withdraw it.

“I guess the next step is we are just going to have to file a lawsuit against the bank and find out what is going on,” Fuselier said.

Fuselier also claimed that Chase bank informed him his account had a hold on it for funds he has not paid back. He told News 10 that neither he nor his wife took out any loan and does not know why that was the case.

“I mean I have never gotten a loan out at Chase bank in my life. My wife has never gotten a loan at Chase bank. We are at a loss,” he said.

News 10 called JP Morgan Chase Bank to find answers to Fuselier’s situation.

A few hours later, Executive Director of Regional Media Relations Greg Hassell told News 10 that “Our bankers worked quickly to resolve a hold that had been placed on a savings account.”

Hassell continued, “We called the family to explain the hold had been removed before lunch. We are glad to get this resolved for the Fuselier family.”

Fuselier said that he is thankful to find out he now has access to his account and looks forward to using his funds for his family in the future.