LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)–  A Lafayette man faces multiple charges after being arrested for burglary of a Golden Meadow business, according to Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office and Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office worked together Friday looking for suspect vehicles in connection to burglaries at a business in Golden Meadow that occurred earlier last week.

The police identified Joshua Deruise, 31, as the suspect. Deruise had an active warrant for burglary in Lafayette Parish.

 Lafayette Parish police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with no license plate matching the description of Deruise’s vehicle. After identifying him as the driver, authorities located the license plate inside the vehicle, and, after obtaining a search warrant for the vehicle, detectives from both agencies conducted the search. Police said they collected multiple articles of evidence related to the burglary at the Lafourche Parish business, including items stolen in the burglary.

Deruise was arrested on an active warrant for simple burglary and is being held on charges for Lafourche Parish after detectives obtained a warrant for two counts of simple burglary.

His total bail on all charges is $502,500 and additional arrests and charges are possible, according to Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office.