UPDATE 8/22/2023 6:42 p.m. : A new development over the firing of the director of the Lafayette Library on Monday.

According to the Vice President of the Library’s Board of Control James Thomas, attorneys are picking through the details of Danny Gillane’s termination.

“It was just his yearly evaluation. It was not about whether or not to fire him,” said Thomas.

Thomas said he was not at the meeting due to scheduling conflicts and did not get the chance to vote. He is the coordinator of transportation with the parish school system. When asked how he felt about the removal of Gillane, he had this to say.

“Blindsided and shock because myself and two other board members were not present.  I believe when a decision like this is made not just about our library system but any authority figure; I believe the full board should be involved in the discussion,” said Thomas.

Lynette Mejia of Lafayette Citizens Against Censorship was at Monday’s meeting.  Mejia left early under the assumption that there was nothing earth-shattering on the agenda.

“There were only four board members there last night.  If they were going to fire the director of the library, it seems like the courtesy if nothing else.  That is something that seems the entire board should have the chance to weigh-in on,” Mejia added. “I’m pretty shocked to be honest.  I was under the impression that the board was pleased with Danny’s job.”

There are also fears that plans to build a new library on the city’s northside could now be in jeopardy.

The theory, though unconfirmed, seems to be a difference of opinion between the board president and Gillane about building a northeast library on the northside.

“Mr. Judge made it very clear that he doesn’t want this library built, he wants to lease the space,” said Mejia.

ORIGINAL STORY 8/21/2023: LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Danny Gillane, director of the Lafayette Parish Library System, was fired at Monday’s library board meeting.

Gillane’s annual evaluation was on Monday’s meeting agenda.

The board announced in the open public meeting that Gillane was fired by a 4-3 vote.

No further details are available at this time.