LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– The Lafayette community fridge is struggling to make ends meet due to a lack of volunteers and funds.

The fridge is in dire needs of supplies to continue providing food for hungry families. Erin Quinn, a volunteer at the Lafayette community fridge, said the organization is having a tough time storing items because of expensive food prices.

“It can be discouraging to go to the fridge and see it empty but it is always worth checking because there are people in the community who cook meals weekly and drop them off and then there are people who donate groceries weekly,” Quinn said. “When things go in there they are gone pretty quickly because the meat is so high.”

Quinn said anyone can become a volunteer to help with this cause.

“For anyone who just wants to pop in and volunteer, you don’t need to let us know that you’re volunteering,” Quinn said. “You can just go clean the fridge and that would help us immensely.”

“If everyone in our community got involved even a little bit with bringing one item or cleaning the fridge here and there, that would make a really big difference cause whenever there is more people involved and people are being intentional about it, we can make a bigger impact,” Quinn added.

The fridge will be open 24/7 for anyone who would like to leave any food.