LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — It’s been a week since the Lafayette Mayor-President handed over more than 3500 sheets of paper answering questions asked by the city council on proposed projects.  

During the same council meeting, the city council voted to proceed with an audit investigation into the handling of certain drainage projects.

Lafayette City Council Chairwoman Nanette Cook speaks firmly about the council-approved audit investigation.

“It wasn’t until the investigation was approved in a resolution that you decided to answer the question.  I could ask the same thing.  Why didn’t you give us the answers we asked for?”

Chairwoman Cook says the council received ten binders of information on 18 questions regarding various projects.

“Ten binders, that’s a lot of information in there.  I need someone to help me interpret that.  I could flip through it all day long.  In relation to an auditor, he can flip through that and understand what’s exactly going on,” Cook explained.

“Some of the questions are related to specific projects like how much money was spent on this project and how much is left and where is the project in the process?  Those questions were also addressed to some extent within these binders,” she added.

Cook says Monday a letter of engagement will be signed with the auditor.

On Tuesday, she said, the auditor can hit the ground running by going through the binders.

“They are going to start going through the binders.  They will start with the information we already have and then from that point, they will be calling people in and doing some pursuing of information.  After that if they feel it’s necessary, we are starting with the information that was provided,” Cook said.