LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The Lafayette city-parish councils budget hearings on Tuesday included wrap up sessions and a chance for both councils to cross-check amendments.

Mayor-President Josh Guillory spoke to News Ten about the proposed rate increases being considered by Lafayette Utility Systems (LUS).

Guillory anticipates the rate hike proposal will be discussed on Tuesday, September 6 during a special Lafayette Public Power Authority meeting.

“I know we have a lot of council meetings on Tuesday nights but it’s investing a little time to be able to get some feedback,” Guillory noted.

Another amendment that captured attention involved removing all proposed salary increases for directors and council employees.

However, the councils said it planned to try and preserve salary increases that were approved by the civil service board.

LCG Finance Director Lorrie Toups spoke up for an employee.

“We have one employee in the finance department where the raise has been approved by the civil service director, but it hasn’t made it all the way to the board.”

The Director of Civil Service Adam Marcantel says there are four positions available for the budget year.  

“In addition to the purchase and property manager that was just discussed in the Department of Finance and Management there is the Senior Systems Support Specialist in the Department of Innovation, Meter Reader supervisor in Lafayette Utility Systems and Water-Waste Supervisor in Lafayette Utility Systems. Those are the four positions in the budget that we brought before the board assuming they all make it for funding in the budget,” Marcantel added.