LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A city ordinance Tuesday would allow city-owned golf courses to sell low content alcohol as early as 7 a.m. on Sundays if passed.

Trudy Guillory says there’s a hidden rule when it comes to the game of golf; that you drink a beer afterwards.

“It doesn’t matter if you start at seven in the mornings and you finish at ten somebody should be able to drink a beer and that’s what we do,” said Guillory.

At city owned golf courses low content alcohol, such as beer, is not allowed until 11 a.m. on Sundays. If the ordinance is approved, such a beverage will be permitted at seven in the morning.

Councilwoman Nanette Cook, one of the council members to introduce the ordinance, says the idea was brought to her attention by golf pros at the golf courses.

“They can sell it 7am at the first tee time and have the golfers purchase from them, as opposed to bringing it on the course,” said Cook.

Moreover, Cook says the city-courses also work to earn money and this will help.

“They are always looking to try to increase revenue at those courses so less money needs to be subsidized for them. One of the things they noticed is that people are bringing beer on the premises. They are telling them not to but they are putting it in ice chests,” Cook added.

Golf-pro Chris Arceneaux at the Jay and Lionel Hebert municipal course’ agrees.

“Not having it has been a wrestling match with the golfers, they want it early in the morning. They come out to have a good time and relax. You know stress free golf,” said Arceneaux.

Arceneaux says the eleven o’clock restriction also impacts tournaments and revenue they get from that. They have two such events scheduled before the end of October.

“November will be my third year here, we went from one to two tournaments to I think now ten to fifteen so we turned it all around. We got a good team here, we’re working and striving and made tremendous progress in that time but having the beer sales on Sunday will help the golf community so I’m not going back and forth with them for sneaking it on the golf course,” Arceneaux said.

Cooks says low alcohol content is not more then 6% alcohol by volume ,but more than one-half, of one percent of alcohol by volume.