LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Lafayette City Marshal, Reggie Thomas says there has to be more communication; that’s after hearing his office along with city court could be moved to somewhere else.

“Through this process, first myself as the city marshal and an elected official, I heard about this situation through a press release,” Lafayette City Marshal Reggie Thomas stated.

Marshal Thomas read that the city is considering a public-private partnership with the owner operator of Rock’n’Bowl de Lafayette to build an apartment complex and parking garage where city court and the marshals office are currently located.

The Marshal said his job is to make sure everyone who enters the building is secure.  

It’s not easy to just move a marshal’s office and judges.

“We have over 55,000 citizens who come to city court in a years time.  I also have to provide security for two elected judges.  Therefore, I have to make sure the building is secure,” Thomas said.

The marshal said the current building works just fine for both his office and city court.

“It’s security, it’s parking and it’s just so many elements that go into play to move a city court bulding to another location,” Thomas added.