LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Prior to last week’s Lafayette City Government meeting, the findings of the 2021-2022 annual audit were presented. In the public meeting, questions arose when multiple attorneys attended that meeting. LCG’s expenses associated with attorneys are being called into question by council member Glenn Lazard after the meeting.

“These are attorneys the city-parish attorney hired to assist the administration in preparing the response to those findings in the audit,” Lazard said.

According to Lazard, multiple attorneys were present for the meeting which drew red flags as to how there were to be compensated for their help.

“We have some concerns about the amount of money that might have been expended for that purpose. I have actually made a request to get actually copies of invoices for attorneys’ fees that were incurred in connection to that,” said Lazard.

Lazard says, “We need to get some clarity as to what is considered a regular city parish attorney that does regular reoccurring work for LCG, versus attorneys that are brought on that are so called experts that are brought on for a specific cause and purpose.”

In next week’s meeting, Lazard says he will propose there should be revisions to the administration’s charter in order to prevent more problems like this from emerging.