LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — As the upgrades for Moore Park move forward, The Lafayette City Council Tuesday will be asked to vote to declare the project a public necessity.  

The proposed ordinance opens the playing field for local government to seize or claim property out of necessity. A stadium that seats a thousand, new concessions, ADA accessible playground, new lighting, parking, new gated entry and additional security.

Director Hollis Conway explains all the property belongs to the park.  Conway believes the agenda item may be an ordinance from another department.  

“We own all the property out there. I think LUS has a little bit of property out there but it’s all soccer fields; all park property,” Conway noted.

The proposed ordinance memo states: 

“The project has reached a point where it’s in order to have an ordinance declaring public necessity adopted to begin negotiations for acquisition of rights-of-way.”

Meanwhile, Conway explains the game of soccer is huge and is confident the upgrades will help attract regional and national tournaments.  

“If we upgrade the facility, especially with our drainage work and plumbing we can get those tournaments coming in; because one of the problems we have is that the tournaments won’t come if you can’t guarantee that they’ll play,” said Conway.

The project rings in at $15 million with a completion date of August or September of next year.

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