LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) A Lafayette man has been given 60 days to remove his property from several lots located in a community along the Evangeline Thruway. 

A group of Trevis Helaire’s neighbors call Helaire’s Firewood business an eyesore in the community.

Judge Travis Broussard presides over Lafayette’s Code Development court at the Clifton Chenier Center.

On Wednesday, Helaire was in court to address the allegations made against him.

Resident Tony Arceneaux said he was at the hearing on his mother’s behalf.

He said the condition of Helaire’s property has affected her health.

Arceneaux was one of many in court to hear the judge order Helaire to clear out the property including the wood and trailers.

“We want it to be cleaned up. I’m just here to represent the people so we can have a better community,” concerned resident Pascal Mitchell added.

Judge Broussard gave Helaire 60 days to take care of the property or face a multitude of fines.

“I want you to get the point that the firewood business on Evangeline Thruway is out zone and that you can’t operate there, and you have to abate all the conditions within the time period set out by the court,” the judge stated.

The judge also offered advice about setting up a business and its location.

“Before you enter some of these business transactions it would be wise of you to either hire a lawyer to assist you or to call the government to inquire about the zoning,” the judge explained.

Outside the courtroom, Helaire said he understands the judge’s orders.

“The decision is that they want me to move. They’ve been asking me to move and they say I have to move,” Helaire said.

Judge Broussard explained the aim is not about money but “correct the harm being done and correct the violations.”

The judge also stated he’ll consider a motion for an extension of time, but the reason must be “compelling.”