LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) — The city of Lafayette has had three fatal pedestrian accidents less than three weeks into the new year.

The most recent was Sunday night just after 10 P.M. in the 2600 block of Ambassador Caffery Parkway.

Police say they are still searching for the driver who struck and killed 57-year-old Donald Jackson of Scott.

Jackson’s body was found in the grass after being thrown by a vehicle that fled the scene.

He was pronounced dead at the scene and officers are actively looking for evidence that can help the public identify who is responsible.

“The community is a great tool in helping solving crime, so as soon as I can get the vehicle information, we will definitely be putting that out,” Lafayette Police Department Public Information Officer Sergeant Robin Green told News 10.

Of the 3 fatal pedestrian accidents in 2022, Lafayette Police have made one arrest. The two most recent deaths on Carmel and Ambassador Caffery are still under investigation. Though the investigation into Sunday’s hit and run is too recent to tell, the first two accidents happened while the victim was crossing the street.

“Nighttime has been basically a catalyst in all these accidents,” Sgt. Green expressed. “We feel that we need to get to get the information out at least to try and prevent this from continuing.”

News Ten asked authorities what can be done to prevent more people from dying while walking Lafayette’s streets. Sergeant Robin Green said pedestrians should always:
-Try to cross the street at a crosswalk, intersection, or well-lit area where you could see any oncoming traffic.
-Face toward the flow of traffic.
-Avoid distractions such as phones or earbuds.
-Not assume you can be seen. Wear bright or reflective clothing and use your phone’s flashlight to help drivers notice you.

Green stated, “Not everybody has a vehicle, and we do understand that, and sometimes that’s the only mode of transportation is using our feet, so I always recommend those things.”

Drivers can reduce the chances of these accidents by:
-Being alert
-Following speed limits, traffic laws, and zones
-Never passing cars near crosswalks
-Not touch your radio, phone, or other distractions.

“There’s a reason for the road laws, the speed limits. It’s to ensure the safety of the driver and the pedestrians,” explained. “We should always, always be watching for pedestrians.”

Alcohol and drug impairment should also never mix for walkers or drivers. Moments after Sunday’s fatal hit and run, officers investigating had to dive out of the way of an allegedly intoxicated driver who drove through the crash scene. You can read more about her arrest here.

Lafayette Police also recommend no children under 10 cross a roadway without a concerned adult present.