LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Some residents on Kilchrist Road in Lafayette Parish are concerned about a newly proposed residential development for the area.

The homeowners say they are not against the new development, rather how it’s being done and have asked the parish council to take another look at the planned subdivision.

Sue Thomas says she has lived along Kilchrist Road for 22 years and believes the new subdivision means more people, road congestion, and flood concerns. 

“If they are going to build back there, then it’s going to be higher and we are going to get all the flooding.”

Thomas says the new subdivision, Summerlin Estates, calls for some 136 homes. 

She says that’s about two houses in the back of each of her neighbors.

“That’s a lot you’re cramming in with a lot more people, a lot more cars, and already our road is horrible right here.”

The appeal to the parish planning commission includes pictures of Kilchrist Road with cars struggling to pass each other, a roadway curve only wide enough for one vehicle, and a coulee that appears overgrown.  

“We’re concerned with the increase in crime rate, we aer concerned with an increase in traffic and we are deathly afraid that our area may become a flood zone.”

Homeowner Reginald Sterling says the subdivision proposal needs revising.  

“Over 100 houses on as little as 20 acres.  That means we’re talking about a huge, huge increase in the number of people who will be living in our area.  A huge increase on the infrastructure.”

Sterling and his neighbors are asking for a plan with fewer homes on larger lots and structures comparable to properties already there.

“If this goes through, you will find many of us looking for somewhere else to locate our families.”