LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A family legacy in Lafayette brought crowds of people to their business to place their orders. Judice Inn on Johnston St. celebrated its 75th anniversary. 

Some people were lined up down the road and waited for at least two to three hours to get their hands on ‘the best homemade’ burger. “We exceeded what we thought we could do, but I got a great set of employees. They really busted their tails today, and I’m appreciative for all of that,” said Gerald Judice, one of the owners and general manager.

The business sold everything on its menu for one dollar. There were even sales of T-shirts for $15. “Seeing all the people out here is great. Knowing that it is the 75th anniversary of this place and the burgers are top quality, I mean, why not come out to this event,” said Tate Guidry, participant. Judice said, “Our menu is very simple and very basic, but it’s as unique as our special sauce. Our burgers have not changed in 75 years.”

The restaurant opened in 1947. It’s been a local favorite food place for more than seven decades. “The reason for this celebration is our dad, our uncle, our aunt, and my mom. They’re the people that started this. Anyone can run a business. When you start a business, and you make it a success like this, that’s what’s special,” said Judice. 

View of line from behind Judice Inn

Even in dealing with the pandemic, Acadiana’s support has kept the business alive. “When people came back during the pandemic, they felt comfortable. It was like comfort food for them,” he said. “As well as they got to tell their children and their grandchildren about how when they came here in years past they used to get waited in the cars and have burgers in the cars.”

The anniversary brought the community out in lines, but not everyone was able to enjoy the taste of the restaurant’s burgers because they had reached capacity. They sold out at 3,500 burgers before lunch. “If we could have made more, we would’ve, but this is a small business; small situation here,” said Judice. 

However, Tate Guidry was a lucky person as he says he was the last person to get a ticket before the restaurant sold out. “It’s pretty surreal just knowing that we got the last one,” said Guidry. “To know that we probably got the last one is great just knowing that we’re going to get ours. It’s a special feeling knowing that we’re a part of this event.”

View of line from across Johnston St.

The Judice family offers thanks to the Acadiana community. “There’s a lot of good food in Lafayette in South Louisiana. There’s a great family here also, but you know that Acadiana supports this restaurant because they’re part of our Judice family,” said Judice. “Acadiana supported this restaurant through good and bad, thick and thin, and we just want to thank the public for all they have done for us and whatever comfort we might have brought them.”