LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — There’s another delay in the fight for former Lafayette Police Chief Thomas Glover who is seeking to have his termination overturned. 

On Monday, the 15th Judicial District Judge set to preside over the case recused himself after admitting to having a close relationship with the current chief of police.

“I really have a lot of respect for Judge (David) Smith, and I think he’s a good judge.  I think he’s a fair judge but that’s a just a risk factor we found to be too high,” Glover’s attorney J. Arthur Smith, III said.

He says the judge having a longstanding relationship with the current police chief is a factor his client’s case can do without.

“Judges and people make decisions on all sorts of basis and that’s just not one that we want to have enter the case,” Smith said.

As it stands, the court is being asked to review the Lafayette Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board’s decision denying Glover’s termination appeal.  

“I believe we have a pretty strong legal argument, but I think that will be up to a judge to make a decision on that,” Glover said.

His contends the board did not apply the correct provisions of the law when they denied him a termination appeal.

In short, he said the decision of the board was unlawful.

“There are procedures, steps and laws that you should follow,” Glover said. “You shouldn’t make up things or do it as you go. I believe that in my case procedures were not followed and tossed out the window.  That’s why I’m appealing it.”