LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – At City Hall, community officials held in-depth interviews with all three Lafayette Police Chief candidates.

Chief Administrative Officer Cydra Wingerter told News 10 that “We had a great interview process in my opinion. They were committee-style interviews with all three of the candidates. There were four committees, the first focusing on tactics and operations, community policing, finance and operations, and the last committee is the mayor-president’s executive committee.”

Candidate Brian Ardoin told News 10, “For me it was seamless, the first people I met with was our mayor president and his team. It was a discussion-type interview with specific questions, I felt very comfortable. Then I went on to the other four committees.”

Wingerter also said that the extensive interviews give officials a chance to engage the community in knowing the three candidates.

“I think having topically based committee interviews gives us a chance to see how well-rounded the candidates are. It really gives us an opportunity to see those strengths and those areas for opportunities. But it also gave us a chance to bring in and engage the community,” Wingerter said.

The greatest takeaway from the interview process is knowing the police department and the city will be in good hands moving forward, according to Wingerter.

“I think the greatest takeaway is that Lafayette is just a great place to live. We’ve got excellent candidates who are wanting and willing to be the leadership of our next permanent chief and make Lafayette the best place to live work, and raise a family.”

Candidate Ardoin told News 10 that “the greatest takeaway for me was we had a chance to dialogue about some issues that were near and dear to Lafayette police department and I think the greatest takeaway is how everyone came together with one mission of trying to identify some of the issues and concerns for this selection. “

With interviews now complete, Ardoin expects transparency from committees and the council when selecting the next police chief.

“I suspect the committee members and the board is going to be real transparent. I trust that they’re going to come up with the person that they believe would be the best for the city of Lafayette. The person that would be good to work with the mayor and other law enforcement around the parish. To me, they put a valid effort in trying to be inclusive in this process.”

There is still no deadline to select the new chief of police but they expect the decision to be made soon.