LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – In Acadiana seafood is a big deal, and now with the start of lent, people will be looking to buy more.

Lent runs from February 23 to April 6 and during this time, seafood sales will see a drastic increase.

People observing lent usually abstain from eating meat on Fridays, making seafood the popular option.

Andre Leger, owner of Chez Francois, told News 10 that he sees an increase in the demand for seafood right after Mardi Gras.

“Seeing the increase in demand is real exciting, servicing the customer’s needs is very fulfilling.”

Because seafood is in high demand during lent, Leger said that preparation for lent begins the previous year.

“We prepare the year before so we process crabs all summer and fall. We put it up in the freezer in preparation for Lent,” Leger said.

Leger told News 10 that seafood is a luxury all by itself, but with the high demand and inflation, he’s seen an increase in prices. He said that although prices may be high, he ensures customers get just what they want when they visit Chez Francois during lent.

“It’s just about making sure we have what the customer wants and at the right price.”