YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) — Youngsville residents are circulating a petition in hopes of stopping townhomes from being built in their neighborhood.

Residents voiced their concerns at a city council meeting Thursday, urging city leaders to stop the project.

“We’re going to flood. There’s no way of stopping it. If they build there, there’s no mitigation. I’ve been in that field in heavy rains, and the water was waist deep,” resident Darren Carlos said.

Carlos is one of many residents who believe building the townhomes will create big flooding problems, even though the city council approved preliminary plans.

“This development cannot happen for us. It cannot,” Carlos told the council. “Only way it happens if you replace our homes because we will all flood.”

“Is somebody willing to put in writing that the existing homes will not flood because of the project?” another resident asked.

Nearly 500 people in the area have now signed the petition urging the Youngsville city council to stop the project from moving forward.

“Tthe petition just more or less signifies that Carmelite Circle is not interested in seeing this done because we do not believe that it can be mitigated. It’s going to impact us, and we’ve already been impacted in the past,” Carlos added.

Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter says the townhomes wouldn’t have any effect on drainage and flooding.

“We’re not going to allow any private development to negatively impact drainage in this community. We’ve worked too hard to bring us up to standards that we can live with today, and we’ve worked tirelessly for the last few years since the 2016 flood event,” Ritter told News 10.

While residents say they’re grateful, they fear the townhomes would undo every measure the city council has already put in place.

“For me, the test is simple. If new development will have an adverse impact, it won’t be allowed,” Ritter said.