LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — In Lafayette, near Simcoe and Pierce Streets, a candlelight vigil was held Sunday for 32-year-old Warren Prejean, Jr.

“God is gonna lighten up your heavy load.”

On January 16, Lafayette police say Prejean was the victim in a homicide on South Sterling Street.

An evening with heavy hearts. Family, friends, and the community gathered Sunday to remember Warren Prejean, the man they called “pi-joe.”

“Warren was a fun-loving person. He was like a little mosquito, always in your ear, always joking around, but he will give you the shirt off his back.”

Holding up a candle as it reflects into the night, the family reflects on the memories they had of Prejean.

“Everyday when I wake up, I see “pi-joe” when I look at y’all. Even when I’m on these streets and see y’all that remind me of Pi-joe.”

“We’re gonna miss him, and it’s hard because he didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve what happened to him.”

“You just get tired of people killing each other. You just get tired of hearing somebody got shot.”

The group today is wearing the color blue as they pass around a blue ribbon with a red stripe — to symbolize their love.

“Royal blue was his favorite color, and the red stripe indicates his blood that was shed.”

There are still no suspect(s) in Prejean’s death and the family is pleading for someone to come forward.

“We want people to come forward and say something because you took somebody’s loved one, you took somebody’s child.”

“Anybody that has seen or knows anything that happened, please speak up. This is someone who was dear to us that was taken, and he didn’t deserve what was done to him.”

“Pi-joe, one love.”

“We’re gonna miss his laugh; we’re going to miss his smile, we’re gonna miss him joking around, we’re gonna miss all of that.”