BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) –  A Breaux Bridge woman, 23-year-old Brooke Blanchard, and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Brady LeBlanc, are charged with the second-degree murder of a toddler. 

Priscilla Blanchard, the grandmother of the toddler named Maverick Blanchard, is devastated about losing her grandson. She talks about a phone call she received from her daughter Brooke Blanchard the evening of the incident. 

“I’m going to hear that scream for the rest of my life. Mom, it’s an emergency hurry, hurry, the ambulance is here. Bubba can’t breathe; they’re working on him and trying to make him breathe; hurry,” said Priscilla Blanchard. 

On Sunday, Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s detectives responded to the 100 block of Resha Rd. in Breaux Bridge about an unresponsive toddler. “Just asking for prayers for Brooke and little Maverick. He didn’t deserve this; I just want the truth to come out,” said the grandmother. 

The Blanchard family is holding onto hope that the truth will come out soon of the cause of Maverick’s death. “My sister didn’t do this. My sister was the sweetest person ever. She wouldn’t do nothing to harm her kids,” said Brandi Blanchard, who is Brooke’s adopted sister. 

The mother shares insight on Brooke’s status in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center. “She’s not doing good; she’s grieving her son. She wants to get out and try to plan for his funeral. She’s very upset about all of this,” said Blanchard. “She said she didn’t do this. She said she was sound asleep. All of this happened while she was sleeping. She doesn’t even know what happened.” 

The family tells News 10 LeBlanc has only been in Blanchard’s life since January. “I voiced my opinion many times, but there was not anything that I could do,” said Priscilla Blanchard. The mother explains she believes LeBlanc to be controlling in his relationship with Brooke. “He seemed controlling. She looked scared of him when I asked her questions. She would look at him in the face waiting for permission to answer. She was very careful with what she was saying.” 

 In the meantime, the family tries to deal with the tragic death of their grandson. If the couple is found guilty of the child’s death, they can face life in prison. The investigation is ongoing. 

“Obviously, any homicide is a very sad situation especially when you’re dealing with an innocent child, so detectives are working diligently. The investigation is ongoing to make sure that it’s investigated to the fullest and the case moves forth properly through the justice system,” said Valerie Brinkley, Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office public information officer.