LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory withdrew last week’s line-item veto which was used to reject a budget amendment eliminating pay raises for directors and council members.

The amendment was discussed last month, during the final council budget wrap-up session. On Sept. 21, News 10 reported that Guillory’s chief communications officer Jamie Angelle confirmed the veto, which would have given out more than $250,000 in pay raises.

On Sept. 30, Guillory withdrew that line-item veto with the following withdrawal message:

“Based on recent, productive conversations with Council Members, I am withdrawing my line
item veto. We will continue to have these important discussions about the future of our City and
Parish which are vital to our recruiting and retention efforts of public servants. This will ensure
the high-quality level of service that our people demand and deserve. I look forward to working
with the Councils to further accomplish great things for the City and Parish of Lafayette and the
Citizens that we are blessed to serve.”

With the withdrawal, Guillory is agreeing to move forward without pay raises for some of his staff members and directors, which will mean that those employees will not receive the pay raises Guillory wanted to give them.